Affiliate Program

Here we go again... only bigger and better then ever.

It's time to pull out your markers and mark off these dates in your calendar:

==> May 8th-13th <==

Join the Affiliate Program

We will finally be launching our newest product called "The eFactor Diet", and it's going rock your world!

We have a VSL unlike anything you have ever seen and the best copywriter in the world, Jon Benson himself (the inventor of the VSL and one of THE best copywriters in the world), wrote every word of it!

If you haven't seen the VSL yet, you can see it here:

The core of the product is all about food timing and the body's histamine response to food... And it had CRUSHED on every list we have tested it on.

If you are interested in participating in the record-breaking launch, please sign up using the box to your right.

This will add you to our affiliate mailing list and, don't worry; I won't be emailing a bunch. I will only email you when there is pertinent information.

As we get closer to the launch, this site will also have all of the information you need to promote "The eFactor Diet", there will be a launch schedule, swipes, etc. ... Really everything you need.

I am also available at my personal email address: jim [at] to help in any way I can.

I will be with you every step of the way to make sure you all have the highest EPCs and conversions possible... Even though that will mean even MORE sleepless nights... I think you are all worth it!

Now, onto the launch contest!


1st - $2,500
2nd - $1,500
3rd - $1,000
4th - $750
5th - $500
6th - $250
7th - $200
8th - $150
9th - $100
10th - $50

Additional Sales Bonuses:

CERTIFIED BIG DAWG LEVEL, 2000 sales = $4,000.00
DIAMOND LEVEL, 1500 sales = $3,000.00
PLATINUM LEVEL, 1000 sales = $2,000.00
GOLD LEVEL, 750 sales = $1,500.00
SILVER LEVEL, 500 sales = $1000.00
BRONZE LEVEL, 250 sales = $500.00
COPPER LEVEL, 100 sales = $200.00
STEEL LEVEL, 50 sales = $100.00

Plus, if that's not enough, we will be announcing even MORE bonuses later!

We have pulled out the big guns this time, because our goal is to make sure YOU make as much money as possible!

All I need you to do is mark down these them out with big letters if you have to and then, sign up for our launch to let me know that you are in.

Thanks so much for all the support you have shown my family and me so far and all the support I know you will all give us during this exciting time.